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Giới thiệu Đồng hồ thông minh đo nhiệt độ và hiển thị ngày tháng tiện dụng


New body temperature monitoring bracelet watch with 24 Hours Time and date Display Watch
Style: Fashion & Casual & Sport,IP67 waterproof design.
Fashionable, very charming for all occasions,Precise time and keep good time.
USB Rechargeable Smart Bracelet,Charging method: Remove the strap,use USB cable charging.
Check temperature: Thermometer Accurate Digital Baby Body Basal Thermometer with LED Display for Infants and Adults, immediate Instant Result to help you adjust your healthy lifestyle.
You can check the body temperature value after about 5-8 minutes.
Touch key function: Single-touch key to wake up the screen.
Battery indicator: white - in normal operation,Red - low power,Green - charging
Time setting: 1. Press the touch button 3 times to enter the time setting interface;
-The red font on the time interface indicates the current adjustment position;
-Click the touch button to make adjustments (once per click, you can only click the next time after the adjustment takes effect);
-Click 3 times to confirm the current position adjustment is completed and jump to the next position;
-After the adjustment, hit the touch button three times to save and exit.

Item Type: Smart Bracelet
Screen: 0.96 inch
Material: Silicone
Size: 260x22x12mm
Color: Black,Pink,Blue,Red(optional)
Battery capacity:90mAh
Temperature Measuremen range: 30 to 45 Celsius
Charging method: Remove the strap,USB charging.

Package includes:
1x Smart Bracelet
1x USB charge cbale
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