Mạch PDB Matek MINI Chia Nguồn output 5V,12V

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Giới thiệu Mạch PDB Matek MINI Chia Nguồn output 5V,12V

Mạch PDB matek
Inside and outside 3oz copper foil 4 layer high TG PCB, all imported materials, high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation, guarantee large current through, measured 50A current per electroacoustic distribution no problem built-in 2 way DC-DC low ripple buck BEC, 5V Continuous 3A, 12V BEC lasts 2A (maximum 3A, store owner measured 2.5A continuous no problem) Output picture transmission and camera voltage multi-selection (VCC, 12V, 5V), video signal set line size is 30.5*30.5, compatible with NAZE32, CC3D , F3 and other mainstream flight control, only weighs 8g. Battery ESC pads are arranged in pairs to facilitate wire bonding

usage notice:
Pay attention to the input polarity, do not input the reverse connection, short circuit to obtain a stable BEC 12V output, the battery needs 4~6S. When using 3S battery, BEC 12V can not be properly regulated, and there may be inductive sound. The output is 1~2V lower than the actual voltage of 3S. You can select “VCC” to supply power to the camera and picture. Do not touch the carbon fiber board behind the distribution board, and it is easy to short circuit. Please install it with nylon column or double-sided tape.

Size: 36*36mm
Fixed hole distance: 30.5mm
PCB thickness: 1.2MM
Weight: 6.2g

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